Booker Corrigan

Vice President of Media

Booker Corrigan, a Roanoke College Graduate, started at Corrigan Sports Enterprises in 2013 with the goal of growing the lacrosse department, but didn’t realize he would fall in love with the endurance events as well. As a play by play announcer for ESPN and CBS Sports, Booker has the innate ability to entertain and inform participants at all of CSE’s events. His wrap up speeches during the All-America tryouts are always talked about as being very inspirational and reassuring.

Booker’s major responsibilities include crafting voiceovers for all of CSE’s media content, as well as standing in as the play by play announcer during Corrigan Sports live TV broadcasts. At running events, Booker can be found at the start line and finish line providing support to the participants as the public address announcer.

Each and every year Booker looks forward to the All-America Lacrosse tournament because it represents the best-of-the-best in the sport he loves. The culmination of the lacrosse season with the best players in the country. His favorite memory since he started at Corrigan Sports was in 2017 at the Baltimore Marathon, when the field of 5000+ 5K Runners all sang the National Anthem together in unison. Booker loves to go golfing with his buddies, snowboarding, and vacationing with his fiancée, Tanya.

Booker Corrigan

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