Chris Tomlinson

Vice President of Marketing

Chris Tomlinson joined the team in 1995 and was the first ever intern in Corrigan Sports history. Chris has been with the company ever since and as the head of marketing, he has an essential role in the success of each event. Chris has 25+ years of experience in the marketing business and is very creative in his approach to promoting different events.

Chris’ major responsibilities include overseeing the management and promotional efforts for the running events. He is in charge of all the graphic design for running apparel, creates the  direct and indirect marketing structure for all potential customers, and supervising the marketing team to ensure everybody shares a common vision.

Chris’ favorite event is the Baltimore Ten Miler because it highlights some of the best parts of the city and is also the kickoff to summer. His favorite memory at Corrigan Sports was pulling off the first ever Baltimore Marathon over 20 years ago with just five full time staff members. In his free time, Chris loves spending time at the lake, hanging out with his family and typing the stats for Maryland Basketball.

Chris Tomlinson

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