Derek Wilson

Director of Operations/Race Director

Derek Wilson started with Corrigan Sports Enterprises in 2016 to help grow the grassroots marketing effort at our events. Since his time at CSE, Derek has fully transformed his role within the company and grown to be the Director of Operations and Race Director for all Corrigan Sports Events. His attention to detail and communication skills proves to be essential in the success of the events.

Derek’s main responsibilities include leading the operation and logistics effort for all Corrigan Sports events, overseeing the storing and maintenance of all equipment in the warehouse and on-site. His main goal at each event is to communicate effectively with city officials and other important personnel to ensure the course logistics and operations run smoothly.

Derek’s favorite event will always be the Baltimore Marathon because of how much work goes behind the scenes to make such a large scale event come to life. During his time at CSE, Derek recalls his favorite memories being standing alone on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge at 2am during setup of the Bay Bridge Run, or building an eight foot tall sand dune with a bulldozer.

Derek Wilson

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