Lee Corrigan


Lee Corrigan started Corrigan Sports Enterprises in 1991 with the goal of bringing top notch athletic events to the region and eventually the entire country. A former salesman with RAYCOM Sports, Lee knows what a potential customer wants and knows how to deliver it in a unique way. His background in sales and 30+ years in the event marketing business has catapulted Corrigan Sports into one of the premier sports marketing companies in the region.

His main goal as President of Corrigan Sports is to provide the guiding direction and goals for the company. He is in charge of protecting the brand and managing all 20+ CSE events to ensure outside stakeholders and clients’ needs are fulfilled. His ability to inspire the staff to produce the best possible product, is why Corrigan Sports has been a top event company all these years.

His favorite memory over the 30 years he has owned a business, is the relationships he has cultivated with his staff, but also the amazing people he’s gotten to know while putting on events around the country. When he’s not at the office, Lee likes sitting on the beach, jammin’ with the Stones and spending quality time with his Grandson.

Lee Corrigan

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