Ryan Corrigan

Sales Director

Ryan Corrigan, Sports Management graduate, with a minor in business and entrepreneurship, always had a passion and fascination with events. Ryan is known around then office as one of the “idea guys” and often comes up with a vision on how to deliver a unique twist to event participants. In 2013 when he joined Corrigan Sports, Ryan hopped right in as the Sales Director because of his depth of knowledge for each Corrigan Sports Event and his ability to produce an event from the ground up and implement a plan to create a multifaceted, one of a kind experience.

Ryan is tasked with coordinating and securing sponsorship deals for all Corrigan Sports Events, as well as producing and directing any live broadcast content. He tries to create partnership alignments with businesses and municipalities that benefit both sides and produce an event that can withstand the test of time.

His favorite memory each year is standing on Homewood Field at Johns Hopkins University during the Senior All-American Game because it represents the culmination of the entire staff’s hard work and dedication to produce such a premiere event. In his free time, Ryan likes golfing, attending concerts and hanging out with his family.

Ryan Corrigan
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