Sebastian Martinez

Digital Marketing Director

Sebastian Martinez was hired by Corrigan Sports in 2018 as the new videographer and in charge of creating content. Little did we know, within a few months, Sebastian would completely transform his role at Corrigan Sports and take on a wide variety of tasks. Sebastian’s ability to multitask and complete projects with extreme precision make him a huge asset to the team.

Sebastian is tasked with overseeing all digital marketing for Corrigan Sports Events, but also leading the multimedia design effort and content creation team. He also produces and manages all video and digital content for CSE Television and any live broadcasts we may do.

His favorite event during his time at Corrigan Sports has been National Cup 2021, because it was such a great feeling to see an event come to life after working so hard on the creation of the event concept. When he’s not in the studio, Sebastian loves watching movies, playing soccer and eating chipotle.

Sebastian Martinez

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