Facts & Results

  • Drew over 150,000 average viewers on boardwalk each day
  • Averaged 6 vehicle sales per event
  • Tour became known as the “Toyota Tour” by end of first sponsorship
  • Re-signed multi year deals after first sponsorship

Our Solutions

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Toyota initially sponsored the Pro Beach East Volleyball Tour to help bring brand awareness to the car manufacturer. Association of the name Toyota and Pro Beach Volleyball was the goal originally. As the tour became more popular, Toyota used the sponsorship deal to try and sell vehicles on the beach during the tour.

What We Did

What We Did

What We Did

Increase Brand Awareness & Sales

During Toyota’s sponsorship of the Pro Beach East Volleyball Tour, their brand image grew significantly within the Maryland/Virginia area. Corrigan Sports made the Toyota brand and Pro Beach East synonymous with one another. Toyota’s logo was included on all marketing materials like: billboards, tv commercials, and print ads.

As the brand grew significantly in popularity, Toyota shifted their focus from brand awareness, to sales. Corrigan Sports brought in Toyota’s from the local dealerships and placed them on the beach for attendees to view. Each attendee was given a towel or bracelet at the event to show to Toyota dealers when they purchased a vehicle.

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