Facts and Results

  • Provided product for over 18,000 youth athletes ages 12-18 and 30,000 endurance runners
  • Sampled new protein bar, energy chew and new drink flavors to all participants

Our Solutions

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Corrigan Sports objective increase brand awareness among youth athletes and endurance runners that Gatorade is the preeminent electrolyte product on the market. Utilize on-site and digital marketing to make Gatorade the first product athletes think of when hydrating.

What We Did

Corrigan Sports’ approach to enhance Gatorade’s position in the market is to provide product and brand recognition at our events. Each event has a designated Gatorade station, with coolers, tents, cups, and product available for participants. Endurance athletes have multiple locations they can receive Gatorade’s product along their race route to reenergize their body to keep moving. Corrigan Sports samples new products like Gatorade ‘Frost’ with youth athletes to receive feedback. Brand awareness is a big part of what makes Gatorade thrive so Corrigan Sports utilizes on-site and digital marketing to grow their brand.

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